PlayStation 4 Exploit Host



I've been trying to answer everyone's questions everywhere but the same questions being asked repeatedly are getting old and taking up far too much time.

If I ignore you it's probably because: It's something outlined here, it's something you can easily find for yourself, or only related to piracy.

What are the DNS IPs?

  • and

Why aren't you hosting X yet?

  • I'll update exploits/payloads on the DNS as they come up and are stable/confirmed working. You don't need to tweet me or open an issue. I'm watching.

What does X exploit/payload do?

  • Visit the about page for info about the exploits/payloads.

Did you write these? Can you make X?

  • While I have written a few payloads, I did not write the exploits, I just dumb down running them. Check the about page for credits.

Are you hosting X? Is X on the DNS yet?

  • Rather than tweet/PM me to see if I'm hosting something... just check for yourself here. I update the site and DNS at the same time.

Where do you release? What's the latest release?

  • My Github for the host is here. Please read the readme... check the releases page...

Can you add X exploit/payload?

  • If there is a specific exploit you want, you don't have to wait for me to make a new release. Look at the exploits/payloads folder and add it yourself. If you are a developer and want your payload on the DNS contact me privately.

When is the exploit for 5.XX coming out?

  • No one you ask will give you an actual ETA of another exploit... don't ask anyone anywhere anymore. Thanks.

Nothing works, it just says not enough system memory... wtf?

  • This is normal, try again. If it happens... oh I don't know... 15 times, clear your cookies/website data, restart, and try again.

My PS4 shutdown for no reason and won't turn back on... wtf?

  • It was a Kernel Panic, it is normal, you were trying to shove code into a running process and it crashed. Restart (Hold the physical button on your PS4) and try again.

Other Notes

  • Github issues are not for issues with payloads/exploits. They are provided in releases as a convenience.
  • Github issues are not for issues with my DNS servers.
  • My work schedule is erratic. I travel regularly, sometimes I'm given less than 24hrs notice before I'm flying somewhere and can work strange/long hours. Don't expect me to drop anything to reply to you (Sleep, work, or otherwise).
  • Because of traveling on short notice for work I may not have access to a console when you have an issue.
  • If you PM me don't open up with "Hey" or "You there?" then wait for me to answer... just send your actual message.